We have a network

A considerable proportion of our mandates require the consideration of foreign law or the involvement of an auditor, specialist tax consultant or patent attorney. We therefore cooperate with various law firms abroad as well as with auditors, tax consultants and patent attorneys.

Who belongs to the network?

The professionals of our cooperation partners are known to us personally and their selection may be interpreted in such a way that we are convinced of their professional performance and appreciate the smooth cooperation. They are lawyers, auditors, specialised tax advisors and patent attorneys in Germany and abroad.

We are not in a corporate relationship with our cooperation partners, nor are we bound in any other way in their selection. Rather, we cooperate on a case-by-case basis when mandates are given with a contact to the competences of the respective cooperation partner, which we cannot or do not want to handle alone and on the basis of our own expertise and knowledge.

Cost control

In a large number of cases where matters are dealt with jointly, we succeed in agreeing on a uniform basis of assessment or the same fee rates in many cases due to the cooperation also in the question of fees.